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Super Street Fighter® IV Frame Data

The frame data listed in this website was painstakingly gathered by the author and a team of Street Fighter experts. Using 60fps high definition video, the team captured each of the characters' numerous attacks a minimum of three times each. The recordings were then played back frame by frame to calculate the data and then double and triple checked for precision. We have made every effort possible to ensure the accuracy of this data.

Execution: The number of frames it takes from the moment the attack command is input to the earliest possible moment it connects with an opponent.
Active: The number of frames an attack can hit an opponent after it has been executed.
Recovery: The number of frames it takes for the character to recover from an attack before another command can be input.
Block Advantage: When an attack is blocked, this is the amount of frame advantage gained.
Hit Advantage: When an attack connects, this is the amount of frame advantage gained.

Parentheses in the Active column indicate any non-hitting frames of an attack. For example, during a Super Combo the preset animation for the attack may include a dash or some other animation that does not hit the opponent. Parenthesis in the Stun and Damage columns indicate two possible values depending on when the attack connects.
A level two Focus Attack consists of two execution numbers. The first is the amount of frames required to reach a level two Focus Attack while holding MP and MK, and the second is the execution frames after releasing the two buttons.

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